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Product Series


GD32MCU Development Tool provides comprehensive product line development tool, focusing on fast and convenient application development for developers. This tool connects with world leading manufacturing partners to provide and support team developing environment, development package EVB, graphical GUI, security component, embedded AI, network and cloud connect solution, and more rich and complete development system, further assisting developers to master our tool with ease.

GigaDevice continuously and actively cooperates with leading domestic colleges, working with institutions to create joint laboratory, to conduct mentorship training and curriculum development and to adapt production training into new lessons. We passionately finance and attend large scale electronic design contests, aiding future engineers to grow from learning and competing, and continuing to refine and enrich the development of MCU system.

Developer support

GD32MCU Development Tool provides data manuals, software packages, and hardware packages for various MCU series products, as well as full series’ functionality evaluation board and entry learning board. Developer can utilize GD32MCU Development Tool’s technical website to download corresponding program source codes, to test all external setting of the chip’s functionality, to change sample codes easily and conveniently, and to create new software development projects. Additionally, we host a series of video tutorials on the GD32MCU Development Tool’s technical website, providing developers with online learning platform to quickly master the GD32MCU Development Tool.