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Zhongshan Division was established in 2018 to fulfill clients’ increasing need of design plans, with the goal to improve developments to match our continuously increasing core competitiveness. Within five years, our business integrates the supply advantages of Shenzhen and Zhongshan, providing many clients with comprehensive services from schematic mapping to PCB design, and from PCB design to PCBA processing production. Our design team is comprised of seasoned professionals who excel in the electronic field, and we are dedicated to provide clients with high-quality digital schematic for products, as well as manufacturing original equipments of the following:

Our services include, but not limited to, the following:

Electronic design

  • Circuit design and simulation
  • PCB design and layout
  • Integrated system design
  • Wireless design and testing
  • Power circuit design

Production and processing

  • PCB production and assembly
  • SMT patching and extension
  • Digital product assembly
  • Product testing and adjustment
  • Production flow line improvement

We tirelessly provide you with:

  • Professional technical supports and services
  • Strict quality control and assurance
  • Financial cost managements and pricing strategies
  • Regular communications and reports, providing clients with full transparency on project status and progress.
We believe the key to success is to closely connect with and to deeply understand client’s values and goals. As such, our engineers value client communications deeply to ensure the designs and productions meet the client’s needs and desires.